4 thoughts on “Costa Rican Civil War by Genique

  1. Rishi

    Nice job, Genique. I liked how at the end you didn’t say anything and you let the words express the revolution. How could you easily translate those names, Otilio Ulate, Jose Figueres, and Rafael Angel Calderon?

  2. Jackson

    I am so impressed you managed to do it yourself! I’m surprised the part were you did not talk was the strongest part of all.

  3. Rachel

    Hi, Genique. I really liked your presentation of the Costa Rican Civil War. One thing that I thought was really powerful about your presentation was how you did not speak at the end. What did you really enjoy about doing your project?

  4. Ella

    I love when during effects you didn’t speak it made it very powerful. Both the Costa Rican Civil War and the Singing Revolution had a military takeover. What was the hardest part about doing the Costa Rican Civil War?


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