6 thoughts on “The Orange Revolution by Carson

  1. Jonah

    I really enjoyed watching your iMovie on The Orange revolution. I could tell how hard your Revolution was and you really really explained very, very well. I liked the humor you put into the video. I liked the news format as well.

  2. Rachel

    Hi, Carson. I really like your presentation about Orange Revolution. What I really liked about your presentation was how you took it step by step so made sure everybody knew what was happening. I also really liked how you added some comedy to it. What was your favorite part of doing your presentation?

  3. Samantha

    I really liked how you made your video like a news report. I started to get confused during your video but then right at the confusing parts you went back to the basics and it started to make sense again. I thought your video was really cool.

  4. Genique

    This seems like it was a very hard revolution to study and understand but you did great. I really like the news theme because it was very creative. This is a great way to learn about revolutions!


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