January 14

Working on Revolution, by Rishi

This post is courtesy of Rishi’s KidBlog post.

Hi, Rishi here. My friend, Tracy and I just finished a school project called Revolutions 101. Tracy and I had to answer this driving question, “How can we, as investigative journalists, inform others about the causes and effects of political revolutions?” In case you were wondering what revolutions meant, it means an overthrow of the government or a problem that turns into a war. Tracy and I picked a revolution that we would study. We agreed on the Independence of Brazil that dates from March 8, 1789 to 1824 [we don’t know the exact date of when it ended]. We studied the revolution and wrote the causes on a big piece of lined paper, and we did the same thing except that time for the effects. Then, once we got all of the information we had to figure out how were going to present it. Tracy and I had to plan what we were going to put on every slide. ¬†We could present by using iMovie, a Google Drive slideshow, or Adobe Voice slideshow. We chose Adobe Voice. It was a little challenging, even though we already knew what we were going to say, it was still hard trying to record it all. Luckily we finished on time and we were going to present, but I was a little nervous because we had to present in front of the Principal and the Head of the school but overall, it went very well. The project wasn’t that bad and I felt good when it was over.

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  1. Anthony

    Dear Rishi,
    It was scary presenting in front of the principal and the head of school, but we you presented and you did it, just like the rest of us. My group used Adobe Voice as well. How did Adobe Voice work out for you?


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