January 14

Revolutions Reflection, by Ella

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My revolution project was the Singing Revolution with my partner, Jackson. It was a hard revolution to learn about ,but it was very interesting. There were many connections between our revolution and other revolutions we learned about. Here are some of the common causes of revolutions. Most of them wanted freedom from the governing body. Some of the revolutions also had a military takeover and had a mean leader that was bossing them around. Here are some of the effects of most revolutions. Many people either die or disappear. The country gets freedom from its governing body, and sometimes people of the country become united together.

I thought that my partner and I collaborated well together and we both had the same vision of how our project was going to turnout, so that really helped. I learned that I get tired of watching the same video over and over again even if I was the one who made it.I think my partner and I got off topic a once in awhile, but we always got back to work.

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  1. Sophie

    I think it’s really cool that you studied a non-violent revolution. I also got a little off track when I was working with Alice, Faith and Zach as well. That happens quite a bit when I work with some of my closest friends.


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