January 14

Revolutions 101, by Genique

This post is courtesy of Genique’s KidBlog post.

When you compare the Costa Rican Civil War to other civil wars and revolutions there are many similarities and differences. For example, the Afghanistan Revolution has many similarities to the Costa Rican Civil War. One of the similarities are that both wars had a military take over but for Afghanistan it was not helpful for the country. Unlike Costa Rica, it helped the country take the bad people out of power. Also the Orange Revolution had some similarities with the Costa Rican Civil War. In the Orange Revolution, there were fraudulent voting problems just like in the Costa Rican Civil War. Many good and bad effects happened after the civil war. One of the bad effects was that two thousand people died, and one of the good effects was that overall, the president that the people wanted in power finally got the position. A lot of good and bad comes out of civil wars and revolutions but my hope is that all good things are the effect.

During this project I have learned many new things about myself which helped me become a better person. I worked by myself on this project which was great for me because I got more work done and I realized that when I work by myself, I can get a better understanding in what I am studying. As I worked by myself, I stayed organized and was able to work on more than one thing at a time. I also noticed that when I learn new things or research history, I get really focused and want to learn more about that subject because it interests me and gets me really excited. I hope we will get another opportunity to learn more about history of America and other places we do not really acknowledge. This was a great way to end 2015 and start 2016!

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  1. Faith

    Dear Genique,
    I really like how you said how this project has changed you and I also like how you compared Revolutions


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