January 14

Revolutions 101, by Samantha

This post is courtesy of Samantha’s KidBlog post.

In our fifth grade Revolutions 101 Unit, we had to compare the causes and effects of the revolutions we studied and the revolutions other classmates studied. We also compared causes and effects of the revolutions we studied with the American Revolution, Afghanistan Revolution and the El Salvador Revolution. Some of the causes a lot of the revolutions had in common were: wanting independence from the governing body, wanting fair laws and unfair elections. Some effects a lot of the revolutions had in common were:  getting independence, people disappeared and people were killed.

I think when working with my group we had a lot of fun! In my opinion, we were pretty organized but sometimes we had a hard time focusing. However, we were always able to refocus and get back to what we were doing. I think we put a little bit of all our ideas in our presentation so it could be as awesome as possible. As a learner I learned that I have more fun when working in a group or with partners. I think it is also a little bit easier for me. So overall, I thought the Revolutions 101 unit was pretty fun!

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