January 14

Revolution Reflection, by Sophie

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When I think about all the revolutions I have learned about, I think some of the most common causes is wanting independence from a governing body. Some of the countries that took over others were England (Ireland and America), Spain (Cuba), and Russia (Estonia). Another cause is high taxes and unfair laws. There were some in the Cuban War of Independence when Spain treated them unfairly. There was also when Britain was treating the Americans unfairly with high taxes and unfair laws. Another cause is unfair elections. In the Orange Revolution, many people thought the election was unfair. There was also an election in the Costa Rican Civil War that people starting fighting about.

I think our team (our team name was SAFZ Sophie, Alice, Faith, Zach) worked pretty well together. (There were some times where we did get off focus though). Other than that, I think we were a great team. One thing I learned you should try to focus AS HARD AS YOU CAN! If you don’t focus as hard as you can, you can get behind and off track.

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1 thoughts on “Revolution Reflection, by Sophie

  1. Alice

    Dear Sophie,

    Hi! I must agree we were not the most focused team in the world, but we did a good job. Even so, I am glad we were a team because it taught all of us a lesson. I hope we are a team next long-term project! What was your favorite part of being a team, and your favorite part of the process?

    Your friend,
    P.S. Sorry I went crazy over the Graveyard Book that one class.


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