January 14

Revolution Reflection, by Rachel

This post was taken courtesy of Rachel’s KidBlog post.

We have learned about a few revolutions and the most common causes of revolutions are people wanting independence, fair laws, and the president you did not want to be president being elected. The effects of revolutions were a lot of people being taken out of their homes and going to concentration camps , people have been killed, and some countries gaining independence.

In our group we learned about the Cuban war of Independence. We collaborated with our group quite well and we also had a lot of fun with it. I learned about myself while doing this project. I don’t have to be so serious doing projects. Our group was not the most focused of all the groups or organized but we were able to finish. Doing this was really fun.

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1 thoughts on “Revolution Reflection, by Rachel

  1. Rishi

    Cool Rachel. I liked how you first told us what causes a revolution and then you told us which one you were studying. I think that , that was a very wise choice.


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