January 14

Revolution 101, by Jonah

This post is courtesy of Jonah’s KidBlog post.

My group was Anthony, Rachel W. and Samantha, and we learned about the Cuban War of Independence. I learned about a lot of revolutions. I have found some connections between them. For example, a cause of all revolutions is that they wanted independence. They also wanted to have their own laws and trade with all countries. Some effects of most of the revolutions we learned about was that they eventually gained their independence. They also made their own laws and now can trade with all countries, most of the time. The revolutions were very, and when I say very, I mean very interesting. I really did learn a lot on all of the revolutions I learned about!!

I think my group did pretty well being organized and working well together. I can definitely say we had lots of laughs and fun during the process of learning about the Cuban War of Independence and making our presentation. I think we stayed organized because we could find our papers right away and we didn’t loose anything during the process. I had lots of fun withing with my group and lots of fun doing this whole project!!

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