January 14

Reflections and Revolutions, by Alice

This post is courtesy of Alice’s KidBlog post.

During this great experience, I studied the Irish War of Independence. As I am sitting here, thinking about the other revolutions I have learned about, I am noticing lots of revolutions have a military take over. They can also include unfair elections and laws, and people being ripped from their homes, or never heard from ever again. A few common effects I have noticed are people (150 at the least) being shot or killed, as well as riots in anger. One other common effect I have noticed in my studies is people protesting.

My group members were Faith, Sophie and Zach. We worked well together — since we are really good friends — but that was the problem. Every time we had Hum/SS, we did more giggling, less focusing in the very beginning. But once we were running out of time, we took off, and didn’t have any more giggly classes (thank goodness)! One thing I learned about myself as a learner is that when I really put my mind to something — anything that seems as though I will never finish — I just might rise and conquer!

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  1. Sophie

    I loved working on this together with you, Faith and Zach. We definitely had some giggly days, but we pulled it off! I think this was a great experience!


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