November 3

The Quartering Act, by Ella

The British passed many Acts that caused tension between Britain and, the colonies and, eventually this caused the American Revolution. The Quartering Act was passed by Parliament in 1765. The Quartering Act was an act that made the colonists give housing to the British soldiers. This Act also made the colonists provide food and water for the soldiers.The reason why the colonists had to share their homes and food was because the British soldiers didn’t have a place to stay after the French and Indian War. The British soldiers chose to stay in the colonies after the French and Indian War because they feared that the French and the Indians would try to take the colonies that belonged to the British.The colonies did not like this Act and it made them mad with the British. It also made the colonists scared that the government was trying to control their freedom.This was one of the many acts that led to the American Revolution.


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